21 Ways To Increase Engagement on Your Essay

1. Ask a Question

The most common way to grab the reader’s attention is by asking them a question. Questions make people think and they also give you an opportunity to elaborate on the answer in your next paragraph.

2. Use Social Media Jargon

Include words like #hashtag, @mention, etc. It shows that you are using social media while writing your essay and not just sitting at home twiddling your thumbs! This is especially helpful if you have an assignment for one of those ‘use social media’ classes 😉 .

3. Use a Quote from a Celebrity

If you’re stuck on words, why not use some? Quotes from celebrities always grab readers’ attention because they seem authentic when someone else says them. You could also use a quote from a celebrity who is relatable to your topic, e.g if you’re talking about body image and social media you might want to reference one of Beyonce’s lyrics.

4. Use Technical Language

If you’ve got some knowledge in a particular subject, why not pepper it throughout your essay as little technical asides? It shows that you know what you’re talking about and it gives the impression that your argument is more well-rounded than it really is!

5. Make Your Essay Personal

People love reading about other people because they can relate to them much easier than they can relate to a topic or abstract idea. Talk about personal experiences related to what you are writing about.

6. Make Your Essay Fluffy

Don’t forget to add some fluff here and there! Soften up your writing by using adverbs, synonyms, metaphors, similes, etc. Basically, make everything sound nice and pretty.

7. Mention Historical Events or Cultural Icons

People are interested in historical events because they are tied to time periods that they can understand more than anything else. You could also mention cultural icons like the Mona Lisa or Coca-Cola if you’re talking about brands! It’s always good to drop names.

8. Use Quotations From Famous People on Your Topic

If you’ve done any research for your essay you will probably have come across at least one quote from a famous person related to your topic. Remembering these quotes will make you sound great!

9. Use Thesaurus Words

If you read an essay and come across some big words that you don’t understand, it makes the whole thing seem much more professional. Thesauruses are easy to use online or in print, so if you’re worried about not knowing what something means simply look it up!

10. Incorporate Slogans/Sayings/Clichés Into Your Sentences

Lastly, include some puns into your sentences if possible because people love those.

11. Start With An Introduction Hook

Instead of writing ‘My topic is…’ why not start with a catchy sentence? Perhaps something like ‘I think that…’ or ‘In my opinion, I believe that…’.

12. Include Statistics and Numbers

Numbers are always great for making your essay sound creative and interesting! If you don’t know any statistics about the topic of your essay why not make some up?

13. Add a Quirky Fact in Your Introduction/Topic Sentence

If you want to really grab someone’s attention, include a fun fact in one of your sentences. People love being informed so give them something interesting.

14. Use A Gimmick To Convey How You Feel About Something

Try using technology in your writing by incorporating hashtags, @mentions, and emoticons! It will really help you connect with the reader on a more personal level.

15. Use Analogy And Metaphor

Analogy and metaphor are two of the best tools for making something abstract such as an idea or feeling more concrete. If you want to make your essay sound poetic use both together.

16. Get Rid Of Adjectives and Adverbs (Be Precise)

If you don’t like adverbs or adjectives, simply get rid of all of them! It makes writing sound very precise and interesting.

17. Include Your Opinions On The Topic

Readers always love reading new opinions on topics they’re familiar with because it gives them a chance to learn something new.

18. Use Contradiction To Your Advantage

If you’re against something, write an essay about it! People will be intrigued because it goes against their viewpoint. For example, if you hate math, write an essay titled ‘Why Math Is Evil And Must Be Stopped’.

19. Talk About Something Obscure

Everyone loves reading about weird stuff they don’t know much about so use this to your advantage.

20. Write A Letter To Someone You Love or Admire

This is a great way to incorporate passion into your writing because the reader can sense how much emotion you put into the letter through the words you choose. If you’ve never written a love letter before, take a look at this great guide!

21. Incorporate Quotes From Books/ Movies/ TV Shows Into Your Sentences

This is a really easy thing to do, all you have to do is think about the movie or book that relates to your topic and selectively choose quotes to include in your sentence.

If you’ve read the whole article, why not write an essay on it? 😉 Thanks for reading! Have fun writing!


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