Fast and Easy: How To Write a Classification Essay

Writing a classification essay requires following a certain pattern unique to this form of writing. Classification is all about arranging objects, ideas, or people with common characteristics into groups. The following guide will help you organize and develop a classification essay.

Introductory Paragraph

The introduction is where you identify the group you intend to classify. For example, pop music stars, retired movie stars, bad tv shows, weather phenomena, corrupt politicians, etc. The point is that from the very start, you need to make this as clear as possible. Next, you add some informative or descriptive details to make things more appealing to the reader and reveal the purpose of your essay. You can finish the introductory paragraph with a thesis sentence. Typically, that’s at the very end of the intro. Its purpose is simple, to reveal how you will approach the matter you are about to explore.

Body Paragraph

The start of every paragraph needs to be with a topic sentence that explains your particular approach. Next, you shine some more light on it with specific details. You can arrange the paragraphs in any order you think is best. You can start with your strongest approach or with the most common one. There is no strict formula as long as they serve the purpose – to make your case stronger. All that while keeping the reader interested in what you are trying to explain.

Concluding Paragraph

This is where you summarize all of your approaches into one brief but concise comment. It is here where you need not just restate everything that you were trying to prove but make it stick with the reader. Make sure that you mention why you made that particular classification and what was the purpose of that. Don’t make the mistake of making the concluding paragraph too long. Don’t write more than nine or ten sentences.

Next Step: Revise Your Essay

After the writing comes revising, make sure that there are no grammatical or syntax errors in your essay. Also, try to read it aloud and hear how it falls together. Reading it in yourself is okay, but reading aloud is way different. It’s an old trick used by many professional writers. Alternatively, you can send it to a professional editor that will make sure everything is in order, and there are no grammar and syntax mistakes, and it has a good flow.

Final Words

Following the given form for this type of essay is the easiest part. The classification in groups is pretty straightforward as well. However, analyzing the group, identifying its main traits, incorporating the findings in your essay, that’s no easy task. It requires plenty of research, focused on the matter, and analytical skills that will get you to the core of things. The ones that master that are the ones that write the best classification essay.


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