What Is a Synthesis Essay and What You Should Know Before Writing?

What is a synthesis essay? It is far from a new type of essay for most students or writers in general. It has been with us for a long period of time, and it will probably remain one of the most difficult essays to write! The shortest explanation we can provide is that a synthesis essay is a written discussion based on two or more sources. The ideas are endless because they can originate from literally any source known to man, such as actual events, interviews, newspapers, the internet, etc.

Basics of synthesis essay

We already explained what a synthesis essay is, and now is the time to tell you a few basic facts about this type of essay. First and foremost, you will have to find 2 or more sources. For beginners is recommended to try with 2, while more professional writers should use 3 or more. The most important thing is to know all about the sources, what they say, and the differences between them.

Now, your mission is to explain all the sources and compare them with others. If you have 2 sources, they can market as A and B. By comparing them and revealing the differences and similarities, you will reach a section where you should explain your own opinion, which is known as C.

Here we must add that choosing the sources is more than just important. If you choose similarly or the same sources, writing this type of essay won’t be possible, or it will result in poor content! Be careful when choosing the sources and try to find the most relevant ones.

Types of synthesis essays

Straightaway we can reveal that there are two main types of synthesis essays. The first type is known as explanatory synthesis, and it is precise, as the name suggests. Your mission is to explain an event, situation, object, or state of mind using plain words and revealing all the facts. There are no hidden agendas here, and all the elements are obvious for readers. Don’t forget that you should include as many facts as possible and use valuable sources.

The second type is argument synthesis, and here you should present your point of view about a specific matter. Of course, you should use facts and try to reveal to the readers your most precise opinion and explain why you have it. These essays are more complicated to write​ but usually more appealing for the writers due to the ability to express their own beliefs.

The final word

If we ask you what is a synthesis essay you will probably know the answer. If not, please read the explanation once again. In the end, all we can say is that you should use proper sources and the most relevant ones. Start small with 2 sources and slowly built your way up. When you reach higher levels, you will want to use more sources and write better essays.


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