How To Write a Winning Argumentative Essay Thesis

Have you seen a trailer and said to yourself, “I must see that movie”! A great movie trailer shows you the highlights, introduces the movie’s basic premise, and motivates you to want to see it. 

A well-written argumentative essay thesis can have the exact effect as well. It can provide the reader with the main points of the essay, reveal some of the highlights, and motivate the reader to keep reading. Plus, it gives you, the writer, a sense of direction that won’t allow you to get lost in pointless arguments.

More important than all that, a well-written argumentative essay thesis statement makes a statement on its own. It makes the reader think, “Hey, this is interesting,” “let’s see where this will lead me.” Here we will dissect the building parts of a good thesis statement that will elevate your argumentative essay on another level. 

The Building Blocks Of A Great Argumentative Essay Thesis

Pick A Side

That’s pretty much the point of this type of essay. For instance, you can not root for both LA Lakers and LA Clippers. The thesis statement can take one side only. So you choose either to be with the Lakers or the Clippers.  

A Good Thesis Makes Claims That Can Be Easily Supported Later In The Main Body

When writing the thesis, have in mind the arguments that need to support it. What’s the point of a thesis that cannot be supported by rock-solid arguments or logical thinking. A great thesis needs great arguments, and a great argumentative essay needs them both. That’s the magic formula, and there is no way around it.  

Don’t Make It Too Broad. Opt For A Focused One Instead

A broad thesis statement can take you in all sorts of directions and try to make all sorts of points and miss the main one. Also, a broad statement is almost impossible to defend and leaves plenty of unanswered questions. Instead, narrow your focus and work around it. 

A Good Thesis Statement Is In The Center Of A Debatable Topic

The idea here is that the statement makes a certain claim at the center of a hot topic. Hot in terms people like to debate about it over and over. And if you put your thesis in the middle of it. Then be sure that people will not only read it through and through but will start talking about it. People talking, debating over it is a pretty strong hint that you must’ve done something good in your essay. 

In Conclusion

A great argumentative essay thesis formula is simple: debatable topic+narrow focus+bold claim+pick side (preferably a winning side). Incorporate that in your writing, and you are on track to write a masterpiece essay. 



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