Reference Hunting Tips for Research Paper Writers

The success in your research paper writing depends on your ability to search for a valid and credible reference that will support your study. Finding the best references can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. But don’t worry. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get started in reference hunting. What you only need in this task is determination, focus, and patience because the good ones are not always easy to get. So here we go.

Wikipedia Is Your Starting Line

Just because I mentioned that Wikipedia is the starting line, you will include this editable site in your references. No. We’re here on Wikipedia to check out the relevant links that can be your potential references related to your research topic. Just scroll down.

The number of references that you can find depends on the broadness of your topic research. What I typed in the search bar is “dog,” so I end up getting 225 references for the topic dog, three bibliographies, 2 for further readings, and 4 for the external links.

You need to check every link and skim/scan the content if there’s anything you can use in your research paper writing. Save the link that you think will be useful to you in a spreadsheet and ignore the others that do not have anything to do with your research. To be more specific with your search, you can always check out the links at the most bottom part of the Wiki Page.

Some Wiki page topics have these

Your second stop is the scholarly articles published online

Your second bet is the scholarly articles published online. If you noticed in the images above, the same keyword string was used in different search categories – all for web pages, news, and videos. Check out every link from the 1st to 10th search page results, as these are the latest that you will ever find. Copy the link that matters to your research and pastes it to your spreadsheet with a proper title. Don’t forget to label your worksheet as to where you found the link so that it would be easy to organize it when doing your references for the paper.

The last search can be done with the printed materials you can find at the library

The library contains all the materials you’ll need, including magazines, newspapers, clippings, books, and even past research papers made by former students. You can browse among these materials to find references that you can use in your study.

These are the reference hunting tips that I use when writing for a research paper writing service. Patience, focus, and dedication is the key to find the best reference for your study. So if you are having trouble writing your review and related literature and studies, you can use these tips to gather the necessary information for your paper.